Saturday, September 21, 2013

Internal alarm clock

Often, I have been asked, why don't you relax, why are you up at 6 am on day when you could be sleeping in? Why? Why? 

I wish I could, honestly, I have even tried to go back to sleep on occasion, but invariably I end up getting up, starting my day, getting coffee on, and working on my computer. 

I spent 28 years of my life getting up at 530 am. With children, and then work, and then eventually running my on-line business. 

the last 12 of them dealing with a rare illness, which in turn kept me awake more often than not. 

As my children got older and they could attend themselves getting off to school and activities in the summer. I was still up. "mother hen". Making sure they were safe. 

I am down to two at home now, and they are gone every other weekend with their father. I am still up. This drives me insane half the time... I want to sleep, take time for myself, but just feel the need apparently to be up! 

The alarm clock is broken, it won't shut off. 
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