Tuesday, September 24, 2013


So, yesterday I made a post on being a techtard. I am not good with computers, my luck it seems is bad in fact. I have crashed 2 of them, had another 3 stolen, and replaced them each time. I know nothing about motherboards, operating systems, and the technical side of the workings of a computer. 

Later in the day, I had gone into my room to do a second post that was on my mind,  and I thought some quiet time would help. 

I get all set up in my room, laptop on lap, coffee, smokes, and get ready to write. I had my coffee on the bedside stand, and reached over to get it. Needless to say, the handle on that particular cup, had broke off at one time, not so long ago, and I had just glued it a couple of weeks ago. I had been using this cup daily since fixing it.

Well, it just happens to be this particular day, that the handle chooses this moment to remove itself from the cup.... and not in the air, between the desk and my lap, it just happens to do it, when I get it over my lap. 

Alright then. Murphys law? Someone that can see the sign on my forehead that says, oh, she can handle this, she's pretty good at handling everything that comes her way?

In slow motion, I watch as half my coffee, with creamer of course, splashes down and up like a wave hitting a rock and washes across my keyboard. Damn! Ok, I quickly flip the computer upside down, pop out the battery, and start to dry off as much as I can. I'm looking at my jeans, thinking, it's OK  it's OK .. most of that coffee ended up on my left pant leg, completely encircling it. 

Rik comes into the room upon hearing my swearing and cursing and the ruckus I am making trying to get to the towel, and says, Leave it like that, upside down, until tomorrow. I'm thinking, fine, damn, I'm down again. I borrow his computer to make a post to let people know that I will not be on for a few days... and hoping that my computer will boot up in the morning. Having visions of caramelized creamer at this point, I am thinking with my luck? Yea, not likely. 

I get up this morning, and boot up... it gets as far as my password lock and all these little dots fill my password space. I try the backspace, and nothing. Dead in the water. 

What next? Now I am on the hunt for another computer... lacking funds at the present time, I am hoping someone has one to donate or loan, until I can get another. 

Moral? Watch out for Murphy... he's not a nice guy. 

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