Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lofty people

I have trouble with people who think they are better than me. I was taught not to judge, so using the term trouble is as close as I can get without being a hypocrite. 

I have to put myself in their shoes, and ask myself why are they that way. Social or economical upbringing, geographical? Family name? Ignorance. Fear of knowing someone for who they truly are. Not where they came from or how much money they have. 

I was adopted, came from a good home, and raised "right". So what does that mean? It means I accept people for who they are. I've gone from that "good" home, to being single, raising a daughter, losing her, to marriage, to divorce, to marriage, to divorce again. 

Raising 3 boys, a step-daughter and a granddaughter. From "trailer trash" to owning a home, to apartments, back to a trailer. I've had 4 men in my life, 3 of whom I have children with. 

I've gone from low paying jobs, to high paying jobs. I've done 4 years of college, and no degree. I've gone from having all the money I needed at my disposal, and then some, to having none. 

Does all this define the type of person I am? Make me bad? Make me stupid, or ignorant? No. No No. To all of it. 

The point is, you too, no matter where you come from, what journey you have taken, does not make you any better or any worse than I. 

What have I learned from my life? Live it, no matter what, because it is mine, your's whomever's to live. No one else's. Don't judge. Just love, because you never know who you are dealing with, until you take the time to learn. 


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