Friday, September 20, 2013

long distance.........


Let's be real, there's nothing wrong in a long distant relationship that is honest but we must live a realistic fact that phone calls are cool, texts are alright, tweets are chill, a facebook message is okay, but nothing...I mean nothing beats seeing someone in person!

I love my on-line relationships, phone calls are good, hate txting and tweeting, although everything from my business page goes out via, hootsuite and tweetdeck. (or both?) 

I'm a techtard, old school..... it used to be, that I had no idea how to turn on a computer, let alone, run the damn thing. 

Now at least, I know some.... just not all. Not algorithms, not html, not xml... none of it... it's a foreign language to me. 

I do all my own marketing, and run my business on-line, but honestly, I prefer the good old fashion face to face. I want to see the person I am talking to, look in their eyes. know them as a human being. 

I have been on-line now for 8 years... wow, I think I just stunned myself.. haha.. point being, I have solid relationships with people who I have never met, and some not so solid ones with people I have met. Kinda weird like that. I do have good ones with people I have met also, I guess it could really go both ways. 

I just like the old fashioned way... that is me. What I like is the connection... not the internet one, the human one. 


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