Thursday, September 12, 2013

Louisville Slugger‎

This is the post I posted about on facebook last night, that I wanted to write, but couldn't write about until a certain time. *grins* So, now that certain time is here. 

A friend of mine and Rik's flew into town last night. We knew a few weeks ago that he would be here, but were sworn to secrecy. Don't ask why, I didn't. 

Needless to say, I can post now. Lloyd DeBarr is a very dear and loved friend, and a mentor and brother to Rik and I. 

When Rik and I 1st started dating, Lloyd was playing with Lynn Sorenson in a band called N'sane. I met him 1st at Baxter's in Mill Creek, and then again when we went to see them at Marcos in Lynnwood. They were on a break and Lloyd was on the dance floor talking with friends. Rik and I walked over to him, and he gave me a huge hug, and said he had something for me, but it would have to wait until the next break. 

I thought, OK... wow... truly, he was Rik's friend and I was just getting to know him. So on the break he grabs me, and we wander out to his car. He opens his trunk and pulls out a baseball bat. Louisville Slugger. He turns to me and says " this is for you, to use on Rik if he does not commit to you". We laughed and visited for a bit, then he had to go back on stage. 

I mounted that bat over my head board at home. You see, Lloyd had told me how it was special to him, and now it was mine to hold dear. 

I have carried that bat, through the last two year's, during my moves, and transitions, and I have it here at Rik's. I did not get around to mounting it this time, and maybe that holds some kind of meaning in what is happening now, and maybe not. It's god's plan for what ever comes our way. 

As you all know, Rik and I are going our separate ways for awhile. I will take the bat with me again. In the event that Rik and I stay friends instead of coming back together as lover's, I will honor the meaning of that bat, and hand it over to the woman who may end up in Rik's life. 

I will say this; Lloyd and I see the same thing in our mutual friend. His good heart, his loving nature and we both know he will come out the better on his new journey, no matter which road he takes. We have faith, that Rik will walk the walk, talk the talk, and become the man we know he is. 

Bless you Lloyd and my dear love Rik. God be with you both. Always. 

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