Thursday, September 19, 2013

She's whiskey in a teacup........

Good lord, I am so tired of hearing of these incidents with children, and men exposing themselves, and shootings, and rapes... violent crimes, everyday. I remember when I could turn on the T.V and see a good human interest story... something nice. Inspirational. Something that gave hope to humanity. 

What in the hell has gone wrong with everyone? Isn't it enough that we have homeless, poor, people going hungry, do we now have to add to the list of wrong doings, with people literally losing it? 

Where has everyone's morals and values gone. Where is the integrity? Have we completely lost it? I think of my mother, who is gone now, almost 2 years... and wonder what she would say. I think of my father who is still alive and just shakes his head. 

This is not how we were raised. Has the world gone mad? Is life really that bad? Think of all the people who suffer with illness, cancer, pain... 

Think of all the money in this world that could with one fell swoop, alleviate so much of what is happening to everyone. I hear so many excuses, and a lot comes from the main stream media. Oh, well, its a bad neighborhood, they had split family's, the parent abandoned them. Jesus! Just stop giving these people excuses to go out and do these horrendous crimes. 

My psychology teacher once told me, and I still believe it to this day. There are no problems, there are only situations and solutions. 

When are we going to fix what is broken, instead of throwing it away. We are perpetuating our own demise. Does anyone understand this? We are on the fast track to derailing for good. Think about that people.... think about your children and grandchildren. What example are we setting for them? 
whiskey in a teacup 

So what, your angry. It's counter productive to living a life of harmony and love. Get over it. I could use the excuse that I was adopted, I have abandonment issues... well, bullshit. It's my life and my choice and I choose to be happy. Why the hell can't the rest of you? You know who I'm talking to here, you.. the ones making choices that affect other's adversely. 

The ones who purposely bring pain to others because of their pain. We cannot fully understand the mystery of one individual person, but we can certainly practice tolerance and acceptance. 

rant done... 

love and peace people, keep it simple. 
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