Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Skipping stones

As I wake this am, I experience a myriad of emotions. Fear, fear of the unknown, fear of a new chapter in my life, fear of failure. 

It's never easy to let go of what you are familiar with and move onto something new. You wonder if it is the correct choice;  for you and those around you. Everything you do in life affects someone else. It's like throwing a rock in the water and watching the ripples go out into the pond. Moving a leaf, disrupting a frog on a branch. Changing the flow of life. 

My flow is changing again. Moving like a wave, not a ripple. It feels like a waterfall, cascading over a cliff, not seeing the bottom, but hitting it nonetheless, and flowing down river to a new shore. 

I'm trying to envision what that shore looks like; pristine, white and calming, or rocky with branches and debris from the river. 

I could always see what was happening in my life, and this is twice now, that I have not been able to. Maybe my age, maybe lack of a set direction. I don't know. I only know that this change is going to happen. It's coming, sooner than I want, sooner than I am ready for. 

It's painful, one of the most painful experiences I have been faced with, and if you follow me, and know me, I have faced a lot of painful events. 

That is it for today~ peace 
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