Friday, September 20, 2013

Still Standing......

This one goes back to my blog on "A beautiful mess". Well, I could revise that and say a "Chaotic beautiful mess" 

I had some pretty simple goals in place after my divorce became final. Schooling, raising children, going to London, and furthering my business. 

I started, I promise, but once again, I was derailed through no fault of my own. I went with it, kinda had to, no choice. Finances, and other contributing factors lead to a decision that was short lived. 

still standing 
Now I have a new goal, my writing, getting published, putting my story out there for people to learn from, or find solace in, or just to have fun reading. I'm a dreamer, romantic, and sometimes, my thoughts about something can be unrealistic. Eh, so what.. I'm human. Get over it. 

The point is, my life is changing once again, moving forward this time is a bit harder, I have no perfect description for what is taking place, no solid feelings. I only know I need a new perspective, I need to regroup and decide what it is I really need to focus on. 

I might be out of commission for awhile, but as you know, I always come back.
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