Monday, September 23, 2013

The part I hate... stress


Here comes the part I hate about doing anything on a computer. I can do copy and paste, a little html, and uploading of photos. Beyond that. Not much more. 

I'm looking at this blog of mine this morning, and wondering where all my links are. I use to have feedjit on here, which is a widget that tells me my traffic and where it is coming from. If it is organic hits, or from an actual search engine. I had my store link on here, and a follow this blog button and subscribe. 

So, the million dollar question, is, where are they? I can see them on the backend, but when I click on my link to actually read the post, poof... they are gone. 

I customized my template when I started writing more, so I wonder if it is the actual template, and if I have to re-do it, or if it is me... the techtard. 

I am scared of anything to do with a computer half the time. I think I have blown through 4-5 of them in 3 years time, because I was told, anything you do, you can un-do.. well I took that literally, and paid the price, more than once. I crash my computers frequently, and I am not in a position at this point in my life to pick up another one. 

So here is the deal, I am also transferring everything on this blog to word, and I am having trouble with that. So, any advice as to how to do that with as little pain as possible to me would be wonderful! 
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