Thursday, November 21, 2013


That time of year that is way to commercialized. That time, when even though you plan on having all your shopping done by late September... all the new products hit the shelf in early December. Toy of the year, hot trends in electronics, new winter clothing, holiday dresses. 

I love and hate this time of year.... there are so many that go without and children who are fostered or homeless, and do not get to know the true meaning of Christmas. For many years I have celebrated Christmas like most I know. Finding and trimming the tree, Christmas eve dinner, midnight mass,  putting cookies out for Santa, and up so early on Christmas morning we had to wait for mom and dad to rise. 

As the years went on, I did all this, splitting with parents and in-laws. My children getting almost 3 Christmas's, and an overabundance of wants, not needs that they soon grew bored with. After my divorce in 2010, I changed how I was doing this. I made it about friends, and strangers. 

In 2010, we donated blankets to the homeless, and had a small Christmas at home with just my children and a friend. 

In 2011 I split the children with their father, and my parents, knowing my mother would not be with us for one more Christmas after this. 

In 2012 I spent it with my children and my father, and then had dinners with my neighbors and other friends. Church from 2010 forward has since fled the scene. Also the malls and Santa seeing. 

Now it is 2013, and the season is upon us again. I am not ready, and do not know how I am spending it. My family now is scattered. Daughter and grand daughter's in Bellingham with a family of their own, my two youngest with me, my father on his own and my oldest son, living with his "step Grandmother" who is no longer apart of my immediate family. 

I've started a new jobs, so an "overabundance" of toys and gadgets for the kids is NOT going to happen. (Which by the way is fine with me) I think we have inadvertently created a me generation. Or we.... and this is not what it's about. They say Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks, but my belief is Christmas. 

This year on the 20th, we are doing a Toy Drive at One Eyed Jacks in Lynnwood. I wish my boys were old enough to take part, but they are not, so I am giving them each a little bit of money for them to go out and choose gifts for those less fortunate than them to take to the drive when I go. 

I don't know that I will have a tree, it's not like they will miss out, they have Dad, and Grandma, but I will have a dinner again, for friends and acquaintances who do not have family's to go to. 

give a child hope this year 
I want my children to know that Christmas is more than what the media spins it to be. I want them to grow up and help other's even when there are things they want. To know that there are many people in this messed up world who never had the memory's they have and to create and cherish new memory's for others to have an hold onto. Even if it is just for one day a year. 

Our world is a cold and cruel place at times, and even though the human race is a self centered race, I know that my children will learn from me to give, and give graciously. 

love and peace~ out 
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