Sunday, November 10, 2013


Excluded; left out, left behind, not privy to, alone, lonely. Isolated. 

When someone is excluded from something, no matter the importance, small or great, these are the feelings they have. 

You would think at my age, that I would be beyond this, or above it, but I am not. I am human, like the rest of you, so when I am cut out of something that was important to me, whether by oversight or purposely, this is how I feel. 

When these things happen, my mind runs rampant with thoughts that might be best left un-thought, or un-said. Assumptions are made as to why I was not involved, or told, or asked or what ever the case may be. 

Who was involved, who am I being hidden from... silly thoughts, but mine nonetheless, and valid. To hear about it later, second hand, to not experience it, the way I wanted to, or needed to. That hurts. I feel insignificant, not valued, and invisible. Only here for amusement, or looks, or appearance. 

Who is that for? The public, or your own agenda. What's the point? When another person makes a choice based on their needs alone, and not the needs of people around them, they create a atmosphere of doubt. The consequence of the action, whether innocent or not can have long term affects. Think about this people, what we do or don't do, changes the course of life. Your action or inaction can ultimately hurt or help someone. 

Transparency, truth, honesty... no matter the reaction, is always the best policy and has the shortest and less painful consequence. Communicate, talk, tell, because if you do not, than nothing can change, and no one can move forward. 

I'd like a say in what happens in my life... it's been to long that I've allowed others to dictate how I feel, and what I choose to do. It's changing me, and I don't like it.I don't like me. 

Being Authentic ~ Peace 
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