Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'd hit that..... justsayin

Catch phrase; I'd hit that.... 

We all know what it means. I don't need to spell it out. So this one is for the ladies. Think on this good and hard because I know a lot of you would put up with this and not say a word. Have a conversation with your man, before your put into the position of feeling inadequate. 

You're married, not dead. We get that, but a running commentary of who you'd do, does not need to be expressed.  Guys, we get it. OK? However, having a list of names in our head does not help to make us feel secure in our self or our relationship and could cause unintentional long term harm. A constant reminder of how we may measure up puts us in the position of competing. No matter how secure and confidant we feel. 

We do it too you know, we just don't tell you who. We don't invite you out to sit with the object of our desire as soon as we've told you who that is. I mean, come on! Would you really feel good about that? 

"Hey honey, meet my friend _____ blah blah... oh and by the way, I'd fuck him." Can we all go have dinner together though? 

Right! lol... get real guys.  Have a little common decency. We don't need to go to bed every night with a list of the women you'd fuck. We already know that most of you, given the chance would do just about any woman who looks your way. We don't need their names, and we certainly don't need to be besties. 

Having been married for close to 22 years consecutively, I put up with this shit, and invariably the relationship failed. Really think about what the potential outcome can be when you divulge this type of information. 

As one of my marriage counselors asked my ex... "what reaction we're you expecting?" 

In other words guys... keep it clean, if your married, in a relationship or even considering one, take your partner's feelings into consideration. We get it, we know your not dead, that there will be attractions to other people. It's part of life. Just remember, we're not dead either and there are some women out there who will say, what's good for the goose, is good for the gander. So unless you want a list of men in your head every night, think before you speak. 

Caveat; oh, and if this is a man's attempt to be honest, be careful of how you are doing that. There is a fine line between honesty and making someone feel less valued. Intentional or not. 


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